Leading the way in delivering Security Operations Center (SOC) as a service; TrustNet offers fully managed, co-managed, hybrid, and custom configurations. Our establishment of SOC as a service was the first ever cloud-based SOC in the cybersecurity industry; providing threat detection, protection, and automated response to all users.

Minimizing the risk of a data breach has directly impacted the pockets of many businessmen throughout the years. Tremendous amounts of funding which have gone to acquiring a range of both network and security, such as building state-of-the-art data centers and developing cybersecurity programs. However, even with copious amounts of funding, these solutions are not always air-tight and still get breached. To make matters worse, small businesses must now also address security concerns despite having limited funding. In the overwhelming majority of cases, these small businesses have little to no cybersecurity expertise within their ranks. However, before discussing what potential benefits SOC as a service provides, it is important to understand the history of cybersecurity challenges.

For a myriad of reasons besides the ones listed, SOC-as-a-service is a crucial investment for businesses and enterprises of various categories and scales. 

SOC-as-a-service delivers the kind of peace of mind to companies, that can only come with knowing that they are in the best of hands in advanced security.

How Does SOC-As-a-Service Benefit Enterprise Businesses?

Today’s tumultuous and unpredictable cyberspace front can make it very difficult for businesses to operate. SOC-as-a-service alleviates these difficulties by monitoring companies’ networks, allowing these companies to allocate their time and resources elsewhere. Hackers, like technology, are constantly evolving and birthing new cyber-intrusion methods. SOC-as-a-service teams, consisting of engineers versed in the most modern threat intelligence skillset, allow companies to scope out and pinpoint such threats. These engineers, however rare, are critical to have on the modern virtual battlefield.

Offers Advanced Intelligence Gathering, Threat Assessment, Planning and Awareness Training

The battle for cyber security is a two-sided coin. As system security parameters and technologies constantly evolve, so do the cunning techniques devised by hackers. SOC-as-a-service teams make it their first priority to staff only the most advanced engineers, capable of evolving their skillset to combat the types of attacks today’s cyber criminals devise and implicate. SOC-as-a-service offers a coordinated approach to intelligence gathering, keeping companies secure against even the most advanced threats. Learn more about mssp pricing here.

Up-to-the-minute threat assessments allow companies gain the insights needed to execute counter-measures and improve their security response in near real-time. As a result, the awareness training of the company as well as its policy setting reach foolproof levels. Employing SOC-as-a-service educates companies on the critical security challenges they face, and how these challenges evolve with the coming of each subsequent generation of firewalls and threats.

Delivers Advanced Protection Against Perimeter and Insider Threats

SOC-as-a-service alerts companies of attacks the instant they are discovered. In addition, SOC-as-a-service teams are able to pinpoint insider threats to the security of company databases. Rogues within the company itself — people who know the approximate value of the company’s private data, as well as where it can be found – account for a sizeable portion of all cyber-theft. SOC-as-a-service gives businesses the ability to immediately neutralize inside threats. Such threats can stem from malware introduced to the local system. Delivery methods include, but are not limited to: Thumb drives, email attachments, and other foreign sources. Given that there may not always be an inside party guilty of the infection, or an external threat to the system; corrective action against such problems must be swiftly taken. This is due to the fact that many of these viruses are not detected, and can quickly spiral out of